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Inertial Propulsion - Propulsion without propellant, or reactionless propulsion, sometimes called field-effect propulsion, space

 propulsion or a spacedrive . This is an enabling technology that eliminates the need for propellants, the requirement for propellant as

a reaction mass for propulsion has many disadvantages, such as storage, mass, volatility and severe restrictions on the capability of

any given craft. Even antimatter propulsion could barely generate enough energy to complete a round-trip to the nearest star

system and the antimatter fuel would not be economical to produce. An inertial propulsion system makes many things possible, such

as floating bases and space battleships and sub-light travel to the stars. 


For more real-world info of ongoing research of this technology see:

Field effect propulsion and anti-gravity researches

Gravity Warp Drive - A good site with numerous links to scientific theories on warp drives, gravity control etc.

Mach's Principle  .pdf file, technical paper on replication of James F. Woodward's test that shows evidence of reactionless propulsion.


Anti-gravity is the cancellation of gravitational forces by technological means in a controlled manner. In a loose definition of the term,

an antigravity device could be considered a rocket since it does overcome gravitational forces in flight, but in the commonly

understood sense, it would describe a phenomenon in which space and time are manipulated artificially to cancel the common space-

time curvature associated with gravitational fields. Such a definition differentiates this from rockets, inertial propulsion, balloons, etc.

A building on the planet Vetustus with a functional antigravity device

that sustained its apparent defiance of gravity for eons.

Zero-point energy:

Free energy, fuel-less energy, energy produced without the consumption of chemical or nuclear materials. Without pollution and

limitless in duration, this would provide the ultimate solution to our current and future energy needs. It would also be another enabling

technology for the exploration and commercialization of space. Coupled with inertial propulsion, this would allow a spacecraft to

attain any velocity up to the speed of light or sustained hovering in gravitational fields.



FTL Drive:

Faster-Than-Light or Trans-Light drive system that utilizes a series of small space-time curvature warps to hop through space at

speeds far greater than the speed of light from a stationary viewpoint. The occupants on board a FTL ship can receive the benefits of

time dilation  to shorten the perceived travel duration even more. This was very beneficial for large colony ships that ventured several

hundred light years past the frontier worlds.

The first voyage to another star system by the FTL

Starship Santa Maria